Since day one our mission was, and still is, to commit to quality first in all aspects of our business practices. We maintained an international standard level, and thus we are able to provide quality products that can easily penetrate different markets around the globe. Presently, we are the market leaders in Egypt and its surrounding markets. We’re opening new markets every day, maintaining our company’s culture as we expand. And yet, we always localize and customize to the unique needs and desires of the markets we launch in; we have global suppliers to support us and fulfill any demand. We want Cook Door’s perception to remain local despite its global reach. We plan to expand dramatically within the upcoming period, creating a diversity of investments and a business portfolio.

Cook Door is a brand with global reach, yet it’s every country’s local brand.

The very globalness of our brand is in itself a source of added value. It’s an assurance of quality and being on the cutting edge, constantly innovating to enable our customers to be, however fleetingly, citizens of the world. Cook Door’s signature Super Crunchy Sandwich or Friskes Fries is to many people an affordable luxury that enables them to connect with the world at large.